University of Technology Nuremberg to Join UniWiND/GUAT

The University of Technology Nuremberg has joined the university association UniWiND/GUAT with retroactive effect on January 1st, 2022. “We are excited to have finally become a member of this strong network. We look forward to supporting young scientists in a joint dialog with UniWiND and its various members”, emphasizes Prof. Dr. Isa Jahnke, Founding Vice President for Academic and International Affairs at the University of Technology Nuremberg. Dr. Stefanie Herberger, Director of the UTN School of Students and Young Researchers (StaRs), adds: “I have been active in UniWiND for a number of years. I am now all the more happy to bring in new ideas and momentum with the University of Technology Nuremberg.”

The German University Association of Advanced Graduate Training (UniWiND/GUAT) was established in 2009 as a forum for cross-university exchange.  It is dedicated to the advancement of (post-) doctoral education and training. The aim is to provide young researchers with the best possible career opportunities within and outside of universities.