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General Questions

Can I participate in the program if I am off-site in Nuremberg?

The program entails full-time studies and necessitates physical attendance in Nuremberg.

Is it possible to pursue the program on a part-time basis?

No, this is a full-time program. We highly recommend studying full-time. Our new learning design is geared towards active learning and continuous self-reflection during the courses.

Are there tuition fees for the program?

The program is free of tuition fees, but there is a charge for student services and the basic semester ticket. See here 

Am I eligible for a scholarship, and what is the application process?

The program does not offer scholarships.

Are there any information events for applicants to attend?

You may attend our online Q&A sessions. Find here the date and time

Questions about the application

General questions

Where should international applicants submit their application?

International applicants must apply for the study program at UTN via UTNexus and additionally submit their application via our partner uni-assist e.V. Find all relevant information here.

Where should applicants with a German degree submit their application?

All applicants must submit their online application through our UTNexus portal. Find all relevant details here.

How can I convert my international grades to the German grading system?

If you apply with your international degree through our partner uni-assist e.V., your grades and credits will be converted automatically.

Where should German citizens with an international bachelor's degree submit their application?

If you are not holding a German degree, you need to submit your application additionally via our partner uni-assist.

Can I submit my application by email or by post?

No. We do not accept any applications by email or by post. You have to register via UTNexus

Is there always a selection interview?

No, if you score 90 or more out of 100, you will be directly admitted to the program. If you score between 70 and 89 points, you will be invited to a selection interview. However, if you score 69 or fewer points, your application will be rejected and you will not be granted admission.

How will I receive information about the outcome of my application?

We will inform you about the status of your application through an email sent to you via UTNexus. Upon receiving a positive decision, you will also be granted access to your admission or rejection letter, which you can download via UTNexus.

Application Requirements

Will my application be considered if I do not have the required ECTS?

Your application will be considered even if you lack a few ECTS in one of the fields, provided that your grades are excellent and you fulfill all other requirements. 

Can I apply for the program if my Bachelor's degree is not in Informatics or Computer Science?

Yes, if you fulfill the requirements.

Will online courses I have taken be considered in my application?

If the courses taken at the university in a specific field are less than the required ECTS, you can supplement them by including online courses in your application. However, you must have completed more university courses than online courses. In addition, you must provide certificates for any online courses you list in your application.

Documents and language certificates

Do I need to submit recommendation letters?

We do not require applicants to submit recommendation letters. Please ensure that you provide all the necessary documents as stated on the website. Please note that we will not consider any recommendation letters in the application process.

What should the explanatory letter include?

The application requires a written justification in English of no more than 600 words. The justification should explain the specific interest in the degree program and demonstrate the special talent and willingness to perform. Relevant information on vocational training, internships, periods of study abroad or further education in the Bachelor’s degree program should be included. Additionally, the applicant should reference the learning concept at UTN and explain how it supports their acquisition of competencies

When do I have to prove my English language skills?

The required English language skills must already be available when you apply to study. You can find out which documents you need to present here (link to Suitability Certificate/ASPO). As soon as you arrive in Nuremberg, you can present your original documents to us at Student Services during Welcome Week.

Is knowledge of German or a German language proficiency certificate necessary for my application?

We request that you provide proof of your German language proficiency (Level A2) or a university entrance qualification from a German-speaking school or educational institution no later than the start of your fourth semester, which coincides with the beginning of your master thesis. While our program is exclusively taught and evaluated in English, we believe that learning some basic German can greatly enhance your experience as a student. If a language test is already submitted for the application or enrollment, it must not be older than two years.

Should I send my IELTS/TOEFL certificate directly to the program or to a third-party organization?

No. Please upload all your documents to UTNexus. We will disregard any documents sent by post.

What should I do if my bachelor’s certificate is not ready at the time of application?

In the event that your degree certificate is not yet obtainable, we understand your situation and offer flexibility. You are welcome to submit your certificate up to 5 weeks after the start of the semester.

Can I still submit my documents if I missed the application deadline?

No. We do not accept any late submissions.

Applicants with international degree

What is the process for converting my credits to ECTS?

If you apply with your international degree through our partner uni-assist e.V., your grades and credits will be converted automatically.

Is a APS certificate required for my application?

An APS certificate is only required if you completed your undergraduate degree in India, China or Vietnam. 

Do I need an English language proficiency certificate if my first degree was in English?

Yes, an English language proficiency certificate is necessary in any case, which is not older than two years. You may take TOEFL internet based at least 90 points, TOEFL Paper at least 577 points, IELTS at least 6,5, Cambridge Language Assessment C1 Advanced). Other certificates may be accepted by the UTN School of StaRs (Team Student Service).

What should I do if my application documents are not in English or German?

Documents issued in the German or English language do not need to be translated. Documents issued in another language must be translated by a sworn translator and certified with an official seal.
For admission, merge the original and the translated document into one PDF file and upload the merged PDF file to the online application.

When do I have to prove my German language skills?

Not, later than the start of your fourth semester, with the beginning of your master thesis.

Will my work experience be considered in my application?

Yes, work experience in the field of artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, deep learning, computer vision and data science will be considered positively

I applied and was accepted to study, but my visa has not been approved yet. What should I do?

Your admission is valid until winter semester 2024/2025. which gives you the flexibility to start your studies at UTN at a later date. In case you decide to defer your enrollment, please inform the Student Service Team stars@utn.de

When do I have to prove language skills?

The required English language skills must already be available when you apply for a study program. You can find out which documents you need to submit here (link to Suitability Certificate/ASPO).
As soon as you arrive in Nuremberg, you have to present your original documents to Student Services during Welcome Week.

Questions about enrollment

Do I need to confirm my enrollment in the program after successful admission?

It is important to note that you must confirm your study place by clicking on the “Accept study place” button in your UTNexus account at least 2 weeks before the end of the enrollment period. The enrollment period ends at the start of the semester, so please make sure to confirm your place in a timely manner.

What do I need to do to complete the enrollment process?

Once you have arrived in Nuremberg, you should submit your original documents to Student Services as soon as possible.
You can submit your originals within five weeks after the start of the semester or submit any missing certificates and diplomas.

From when and until when can I enroll?

Please find this information here: Landing Page Studium

Questions about your start at UTN

Enrolled - What now?

Congratulations on completing the most crucial formalities for your studies at UTN by successfully enrolling! Now, you can focus on other important details such as finding accommodation, planning your move, etc., before commencing your studies in Nuremberg. To assist you with this transition, our Welcome Center has prepared a checklist that you can refer to. Additionally, you can always approach our Welcome Center for any support you may require.

Is there an orientation day before the semester starts?

Not just one day but a whole week: The Welcome Week
UTN Welcome Week takes place one week before the start of the course. You will be personally welcomed by the President, Chancellor, and our Vice-Presidents and meet your fellow students! In addition, you will have the chance to meet your future contact persons in person and to clarify any open questions.
With a relaxed program, we will help you with your start at UTN!
You can find more details at utn.de/welcome-week.

Who can help me if I have to move to Nuremberg?

How do I find an apartment? How do I finance my studies? The Welcome Center is happy to help you with these and all other questions about your stay in Nuremberg! Click here for more information: href=”#”>Welcome Center