Temporary Office Building

Photo (Andreas Vallbracht): Interim building in Ulmenstraße 52

Until the first new buildings will have been completed on Brunecker Straße, the university will be housed and leave its mark in Ulmenstraße 52 in a former shoe factory building in the south of Nuremberg.

Photo (Marcus Rebmann): Exterior view of Ulmenstraße

The building complex referred to as “The Plant” stands for sustainable offices of the future.

Photo (Bernhard Kressirer): View into the foyer

The listed building combines history with an attractive, modern environment. Offices and stairwells are flooded with light to provide for inspiring work spaces.

Photo (Bernhard Kressirer): View of the loft-type offices

The loft character of the building can be used in a variety of ways and allows the university to grow inside the building according to the progress of the project, until the new buildings will be available at their final location on Brunecker Straße.