Residents’ Registration Office

Move Completed? This Is How You Register with the Residents’ Registration Office

An important and fundamental step after the move is the registration at the Residents’ Registration Office (in German: Einwohnermeldeamt). Registration is mandatory in Germany. The new address must be registered with the respective city or municipality within two weeks of the move.

You also need to register in order to use the city’s service portal, for example, or to open a bank account when you move to Germany from abroad. To register at your new place of residence, you need two documents: a valid identification document (i.e., an identity card or passport) and a tenancy confirmation. The tenancy confirmation will be issued directly by your landlord or landlady. The city of Nuremberg provides a sample form for this purpose: PDF form housing provider confirmation.

You can register your residence in person at the respective Bürgeramt. Some Bürgerämter offer the possibility to reserve an appointment on their websites, though these are very popular and often fully booked, especially at the beginning of the semester. You can also visit many citizen’s offices without an appointment, though you should expect long wait times.

You can find an overview of the Bürgerämter in Nuremberg here: Bürgerämter Nuremberg.

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