The University of Technology Nuremberg considers itself to be an interdisciplinary university with a strong networking approach. We are convinced that new and all-emcompassing knowledge and innovation can only grow where excellence from various different disciplines interacts.

The University of Technology Nuremberg comprises departments designed to overcome disciplinary boundaries. Each professorship is assigned to one department. In the future, however, all department members will conduct cross-boundary research and teaching. One aspect of this approach are the so-called fields of activity which will be centered around major issues and topics of the future. The School of Students and Young Researchers (StaRs), which is currently being set up, will support professors when it comes to developing a range of courses.

In 2022, the main focus is on the development of the Department of Engineering, which is intended to bundle all disciplines relating to engineering and science. Besides the interdisciplinary setup, the university is to have an international and digital approach. The foundation of the second department Liberal Arts and Sciences is envisaged for the second half of 2022. It will comprise humanities, social and natural sciences as well as mathematics.