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We are happy that you decided to study at UTN. You’ll find all the important information you need to apply below.
The application process to study at UTN consists of four steps:

What do you need to bring?

Do you meet the requirements?

Have you successfully submitted your application?

You have been admitted – congratulations! What happens next?

What do you need to bring?

Requirements Artificial Intelligence & Robotics (M.Sc.)

  • Bachelor of Science
    (or equivalent) in Computer Science or related fields such as Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, or Physics.
  • Excellent knowledge of Computer Sciences:
    • Introduction to Computer Science, Programming, Algorithms and Data Structures, as well as one of the following subjects: Theoretical Computer Science, Computer Architecture, Computer Networks, or Software Engineering (minimum of 24 ECTS credits or equivalent).
  • Mathematical references in analysis and linear algebra (at least 18 ECTS or equivalent).
  • Necessary programming competencies in algorithms and data structures:
    • Basic data structures (arrays, lists, stacks, queues, sets, trees, and graphs)
    • Complexity analysis (best case, worst case, average case, Big-O notation, divide and conquer)
    • Sorting algorithms (bubble sort, insertion sort, quicksort, mergesort, and heapsort)
    • Searching algorithms (linear search, binary search, tree search, and graph search)
    • Hashing techniques (open hashing and closed hashing)
  • Proficiency in English
    • TOEFL internet based (min. 90 Points)
    • TOEFL Paper (min. 577 Points)
    • IELTS (min. 6,5)
    • Cambridge Language Assessment (C1 Advanced)
    • German Abitur with proof of English
  • Successful participation in the aptitude assessment procedure.

Necessary Documents

  • Complete, chronological, tabular CV in English
  • Certificate and diploma of the graduated university degree
    If the degree certificate is not yet available, it can be submitted up to 5 weeks after start of the semester at the latest.
  • Transcript of records / overview of courses
  • Diploma supplement / curriculum / module overview
  • Explanatory letter in English (max. 600 words)
    Your explanatory letter is part of the aptitude assessment by the selection committee. Describe your specific interest as well as your special talent and willingness to perform during the degree program. We would also like to know why and how our teaching/learning concept is conducive to your acquisition of competencies.
  • Language certificate English C1
    You can prove your language skills by showing a successfully completed language test, which is not older than two years. We will accept the following certificates: TOEFL internet-based min. 90 points, TOEFL computer-based min. 233 points, TOEFL paper min. 577 points, IELTS min. 6.5, Cambridge language assessment C1 advanced.
  • Language certificate German A2 or German-language university entrance qualification
    The proof can also be submitted later up to the registration of the final paper (beginning of 4th semester). If a language test is already submitted for the application or enrollment, it must not be older than two years.
  • Additional supporting documents
    For example relevant internships or work experience.
  • Proof of APS certificate
    An APS certificate is necessary if you obtained your university degree in India, China or Vietnam.

Do you have any questions about the requirements or the documents to be submitted? Then visit our FAQ or contact us directly at!

You can always refer to the General Study and Examination Regulations as well as the Aptitude Regulations to read all admission requirements.

Do you meet the requirements?

Then register on our application portal UTNexus and additionally with uni-assist e.V.! Did you obtain your university degree in Germany or the EU/EWR? In this case, you can omit the uni-assist e.V. application!

1. UTNexus

You need a valid email address to register as your login credentials will be sent to you via email. After activating your account, you can login and start your application. Please upload all documents in good quality. We can only evaluate what we can read! Copies or digitally created documents are sufficient for the application. Originals can be presented in person upon completion of enrollment. Only complete applications can be reviewed and go through the aptitude assessment procedure.

UTNexus will notify you via email of any changes to your application status.

Attention: Please do not send application documents by email. Those applications cannot be processed.

2. uni-assist e. V.

The work and service center for international student applications uni-assist e.V. verifies all international applications for UTN.

The registration is done via our partner uni-assist e.V. The work and service center for international student applications uni-assist verifies all international applications for UTN.

Who has to register with uni-assist e.V.?

All prospective students with a degree obtained outside of Germany and the EU/EWR have to register with uni-assist and apply for the preliminary review documentation.

Your documents are not available in English or German?

Documents issued in the original German or English language do not need to be translated. Documents issued in another language must be translated by an accredited sworn translator and certified with an official seal.
For admission, merge the original and the translation into one PDF file and upload the merged PDF file to the online application.

Does the application to uni-assist e.V. incur any costs?

There are processing costs for each submission. You must pay these processing costs to uni-assist e.V. within the application phase. If this is missed, the application cannot be completed.
You will find details regarding payment and costs at uni-assist e.V.

Step-by-step guide to Your Application to uni-assist e.V.

1. Registration with uni-assist e.V. and activation of your account

In order to create an account with uni-assist e.V., you must register via this page with a valid email address. Subsequently, the account must be activated within 24 hours via an activation link, which will be sent by email.

2. Enter Personal Data and Contact Information

All personal data must be entered here – please make sure that you list your names as they appear on your identification document!


You do not need to make any entries in this section if you are applying for a degree program at UTN.

4. Enter Education History

In this section you need to fill in all the information about your previous school and university degrees. Please make sure that the information corresponds to your diplomas and certificates.

5. Select University and Study Program

To apply for the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics degree program at University of Technology Nuremberg for the winter semester 2024/25, you need to enter the following information:
Semester: Wintersemester 2024/2025
University: Technische Universität Nürnberg
Federal State: Bavaria
Type of Degree: Master
(Partial) Courses of Study: Courses of Study
uni-assist responsible: Yes
Online-only application: Yes
You will then be shown the corresponding degree program and can view further details and select it. When selecting the semester, please choose “1st semester – Admission type: No admission restrictions (NC-frei)”.

6. Selection List and Mandatory Questions

Now the study program is added to your selection list. Before you add further documents, some mandatory questions must be answered – this will be displayed directly. These compulsory questions are about further details of your school and university degrees – so it is best to have your certificates ready for easier entry.

7. Upload Documents

As the last part of the application you now need to upload the following documents in German or English – if your original documents are not issued in any of these languages, you have to have a certified translation done.

Necessary Documents for your uni-assist e.V. application

  • Certificate and diploma of the graduated university degree
  • Transcript of records / overview of courses
  • Diploma supplement / curriculum / module overview
  • Language certificate English C1
    You can prove your language skills by successfully passing a language test. We will accept the following certificates: TOEFL internet-based min. 90 points, TOEFL computer- based min. 233 points, TOEFL paper min. 577 points, IELTS min. 6.5, Cambridge language assessment C1 advanced.
  • Proof of APS certificate
    An APS certificate is necessary if you obtained your university degree in India, China or Vietnam.

8. Payment of the Processing Fee

Before you can successfully submit your application, you need to pay the processing fee. The amount depends on the number of applications submitted and can be found in the overview at any time. uni-assist e.V. currently accepts the following payment options: Credit card, instant bank transfer.

9. Submission of the Application

Now you can submit your application to uni-assist e.V. and the next step for an admission to study at UTN is done!

Please note:
1. The application for the preliminary review documentation with uni-assist alone does not count as application for a degree program at UTN. The application via UTNexus is mandatory and has to be completed during application period.
2. The application is complete when all required documents have been uploaded with uni-assist and the handling fees have been paid to uni-assist. The documents and payment must reach uni-assist before the application deadline (July 15, 2024) – otherwise you will not be able to apply to UTN!
3. Uni-assist will inform you whether you will have to submit other documents. If your documents are not available in German or English, you will need to submit a translation. Please contact uni-assist directly with regard to translations required.

Have you successfully submitted your application?

Our Student Services will now conduct the formal review of your application. If all requirements are met, your application will be forwarded to the selection committee. The selection committee consists of two professors and one academic staff member from the Department of Engineering, as well as one staff member from the UTN Schools of StaRs.

Please note that only complete application documents can be considered. You can complete your application until the end of the application deadline.

The Preselection

The selection committee evaluates your professional qualifications, your final grade, and your explanatory letter.

The professional qualifications are determined by the specific requirements outlined in our aptitude regulations and vary from program to program.

Your explanatory letter will be assessed based on your English language proficiency and your engagement with our teaching and learning concept. Additionally, you can include further academic content from your previous studies that highlights your suitability for this master’s program. For example, you can provide information about program-specific vocational training, internships, study abroad experiences, or specialized further education undertaken during your bachelor’s studies, which went beyond class attendance and mandatory events.

After the preselection process is completed, it will be determined whether you will be:

  • Directly admitted (with 3 points or more),
  • Invited to an interview (with 1 or 2 points), or
  • Unfortunately rejected (with 0 points or less).

The Selection Interview

You will receive the invitation to the selection interview via email at least one week before the scheduled date. Upon receiving the invitation, you have one week to confirm the appointment. This is very important! If we do not receive a response regarding your participation, you will be automatically rejected. If you are unavailable on the proposed date, simply contact us at, and we will arrange a new appointment for you.

The selection interview lasts approximately 10-15 minutes and is conducted online in English. The selection committee will assess the following:

  • Explanation of why UTN’s teaching and learning concept is beneficial for your competency acquisition
  • Presentation of your programming experience (for example, experiences from your program, internships)
  • Solving a task presented during the selection interview

At the end of the interview, you will receive the evaluation “suitable” (you will be admitted to the program) or “not suitable” (you will not be admitted to the program).

Note Further details on the evaluation and results can be found in our aptitude regulations (only available in German)!

You have been admitted – congratulations! What happens next?

After successful admission, you can download your admission letter at any time via UTNexus. You will find all the details for starting at UTN, as well as information about our Welcome Week for new students on UTNexus as well.

Enrollment at UTN

Please accept your study place via UTNexus in a timely manner to be able to start the enrollment process on time. If you do not complete the enrollment process before the end of the enrollment period, you will lose your study place.

You can find all further information on our website regarding enrollment!

Become part of a new university – and study
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