Analytics and Optimization Lab

Prof. Dr. Alexander Martin

The Analytics and Optimization Lab explores cutting-edge optimization methods on a mathematical basis. This is where theory meets practice: all members of the Lab have many years of experience in solving optimization problems, both from outstanding research and from large industrial projects.
We design mathematical models for real-world problems in close collaboration with our application and research partners. In order to efficiently solve these models, we develop specially adapted and robust algorithms and evaluate them both in industrial applications and in theory. We use mixed-integer linear and nonlinear optimization techniques as well as robust, multi-stage and combinatorial optimization. The strategies and structures we design are used in many practice-relevant areas, including the following sectors:

  • Combined transportation of passengers and goods
  • Energy supply and management
  • Optimization in the food industry
  • Logistics processes in the healthcare sector
  • Supply chain management
  • Finance and banking
  • Urban design & building management
  • Diverse applications in engineering

Prof. Dr. Alexander Martin
Professor of Analytics and Optimization

Research Projects

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TRR 154 (A05): Decomposition methods for mixed-integer optimal control

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TRR 154 (B07): Multidimensional auction design with (mixed) integer network constraints

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ROMSOC: Reduced Order Modelling,
Simulation and Optimization of Coupled systems

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Reliable domestic (organic) food through sensory detection methods

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AI-supported operating room
management (KI-gestütztes Operationssaal-Management, KIOM)

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Process optimization
for hospital logistics

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Analysis and collection
of requirements for an integrated
planning system

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Energy-efficient timetable optimization for the Nuremberg subway

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Alliance AI and optimization for combined transport (ship, rail, road)

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Energy-efficient coordination and control of rail traffic in real time

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Integrated locomotive and wagon
scheduling in the long-term planning perspective

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Further Research Projects

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Team Analytics and Optimization Lab

Prof. Alexander Martin
Professor of Analytics and Optimization

Dr. Martina Kuchlbauer
Postdoctoral Researcher

Moritz Stargalla
Student assistant