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Prof. Dr. Wolfram Burgard

Our research is focused on intelligent robots, i.e., robots that perceive their environment and interpret their perceptions to generate actions allowing them to effectively achieve their goals. We work on innovative technology for semantic interpretation, object detection and manipulation, environment mapping, localization, and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). We typically address these problems using modern probabilistic and machine learning-based approaches. The solutions we offer are applicable to mobile manipulation robots, robotic navigation, and autonomous vehicles.

Prof. Dr. Wolfram Burgard, Founding Chair Department Engineering

Prof. Dr. Wolfram Burgard
Founding Chair
Department Engineering

Current Research Projects

Bayerisches Spitzenprofessurenprogramm (SPP)

Building on work on AI-based and probabilistic navigation, machine learning methods will be used to develop new approaches for more robust navigation methods, especially in dynamic environments.

From 2022 onward, Professor Burgard has held the prestigious “Spitzenprofessur” (Top Professorship) in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.The SSP program, which is a part of the High-Tech Agenda Bavaria, represents research funding at the highest level. The top professors are appointed for a five-year term and receive an endowment of up to five million euros.

Completed Research Projects


    IMBIT: Institute for Machine Brain Interfacing Technology
    German Science Council, 2021
    OML: Organic Machine Learning
    BMBF, 2019-2022
    NaRKo: Compliant Service Robots for Logistics in Hospitals
    BMBF 2016-2019
    Flourish: Aerial Data Collection and Analysis, and Automated Ground Intervention for Precision Farming
    EU-Horizon 2020, 2016-2019
    RobDream: Optimizing Robot Performance while Dreaming
    EU-Horizon 2020, 2015-2018
    Squirrel: Clearing clutter bit by bit
    EU-IST IP, 2013-2018
    EUROPA2: European Pedestrian Robot 2
    EU-IST STREP, 2013-2018 (Coordinator)
    BrainLinks-BrainTools: Cluster of Excellence, German Research Foundation
    German Research Foundation, 2012-2019
    Rovina: Robots for Exploration, Digital Preservation and Visualization of Archeological Sites
    EC, 2013-2015
    HYBRIS-C1: Planning and Action Control under Uncertainty for Mobile Manipulation Tasks
    German Research Foundation, 2012-2014
    Tidy-up-Robot: Mobile Manipulation in Real-World-Environments
    PR-2 Beta ProgramWillow Garage, 2010-2012
    TAPAS: Robotics-enabled Logistics and Assistive Services for the Transformable Factory of the Future.
    EU-IST STREP, 2010-2014
    RADHAR: Robotic Adaptation of Robots Adapting to Humans
    EU-IST STREP, 2010-2013
    First-MM: Flexible Skill Acquisition and Intuitive Robot Tasking for Mobile Manipulation in the Real World
    EU-IST STREP, 2010-2013 (Coordinator)
    EUROPA: European Pedestrian Robot
    EU-IST STREP, 2009-2012 (Coordinator)
    Mobile Robot Navigation
    KUKA Roboter GmbH
    RAWSEEDS: Robotics Advancement through Webpublishing of Sensorial and Elaborated Extensive Data Sets
    EU-IST SSA, 2006-2009
    SLAM: Simultaneous Mapping and Localization
    Toyota Europe, 2007-2009
    Technology for Operations
    ESA, 2007
    Situation Recognition
    Siemens AG, 2006-2008
    muFly: Fully Autonomous Micro Helicopter
    EU-IST STREP, 2006-2009
    INDIGO: Interaction with Personality and Dialogue Enabled Robots
    EU-IST STREP, 2006- 2009
    EµS: Graduate School Embedded Microsystems
    German Research Foundation, 2005-2008
    CoSy: Cognitive Systems for Cognitive Assistants
    EU-IST IP, 2005-2008
    DESIRE: German Service-Robotics-Initative
    German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), 2005-2008
    MultiRob: Multi-Robot-Coordination
    Project within the Transegional Research Center Spatial Cognition (SFB-TR8), 2003-2014
    3D-Map: Three-Dimensional Map Construction
    Project within the Transegional Research Center Spatial Cognition (SFB-TR8), 2003-2014
    ObjectSpace: Human and robot navigation in structured environments
    Project within the Transegional Research Center Spatial Cognition (SFB-TR8), 2007-2014
    WEBFAIR: Web-Based Tele-Presence on Trade-Fairs with Mobile Robots
    EU-IST Project, 2001-2004
    TOURBOT: Museum Tele-Presence through Robotic Avatars
    EU-IST Project, 2000-2001
    Robotic Tele-Lab
    Ministry for Research of the state Northrhine Westfalia, 1997-1999
    Documentation Information and Communication Technology NRW
    Ministry for Research of the state Northrhine Westfalia, 1996-1997
    Illumination Planning for Hardcoal Mines
    Ruhrkohle Bergbau AG, 1990-1992


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Prof. Dr. Wolfram Burgard
Founding Chair

Dr. Tanja Kaiser
Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Michael Krawez
Postdoctoral Researcher

Yannik Blei
Doctoral Researcher

Reihaneh Mirjalili
Doctoral Researcher

Maya Sitaram
Doctoral Researcher

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