Research at the UTN

UTN is seizing the unique opportunity of founding a new university:

We are shaping a distinct research identity that integrates insights from engineering, mathematics and natural sciences with the realms of humanities and social sciences. Our goal is to establish our university step by step as an inimitable research institution with a unique subject profile and international appeal in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region.

The following pillars define our self-conception, the organizational framework and the academic culture we seek to cultivate, in order to effectively invigorate the German higher education system:

Guiding principles

We are committed to a culture of actively practiced interdisciplinarity: Our researchers identify common thematic areas across disciplines and view the perspectives of other fields as an integral part of their own research. Research at UTN is also guided by the principles of internationality, digitalization, and sustainability, which have significantly shaped the university’s profile in all areas since its establishment.


Research at UTN takes place within the framework of departmental structures , where each department hosts diverse disciplines and purposefully connects them. At present, the academic identity of UTN is primarily fuelled by two departments: the Department of Engineering and the Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Information on the profile of the two departments can be found here:

Department of Engineering

Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Until 2027, UTN intends to establish three clusters. The clusters Robotics and Artificial Intelligence as well as Human and Artificial Intelligence are currently being developed.
A third, yet-to-be-named engineering cluster is in preparation. The clusters are cross-departmental, thus fostering a research environment characterized by vibrant interdisciplinary collaboration and serving as a crucial foundation for establishing a unique research identity at UTN.

Good Research Practice

Research integrity is the foundation for trustworthy, resilient, and sustainable science. For researchers, it represents both a cornerstone and a prerequisite for their work. No set of rules can guarantee research integrity; rather, it must be practiced and taught. Based on this understanding, we have developed and adopted our statute on good research practice in 2023. It outlines the essential parameters of an inclusive culture of good research practice, thereby articulating our university’s identity as a leading research institution.

PDF-Download (German version only): Gute wissenschaftliche Praxis an der UTN