How does the university of the future look like?


Prof. Dr. Akila Ahouli
Location: Togo

The university of the future should be interdisciplinary, international, social and multilingual. It will make use of digital technologies in education, but without dehumanising the pedagogical relationship, and will be located on an environmentally friendly, cosy site suitable for intellectual work.


Dr. Yemurai Gwatirisa
Location: Botswana

I see the University of Technology Nuremberg producing well-rounded graduates through its intentions to engage in activities, projects, and programs on national, regional and international academic and professional knowledge platforms. This will also increase the University’s visibility on the continent and beyond.


Prof. Dr. Matthias Seeler
Location: Malawi

I worked in Rwanda, Malawi and Ethiopia on educational programs in basic education, vocational education and university studies. Education may not be the only solution for development, but without education, there will be no sustainable development.