Round Table Talks with the University of Technology Nuremberg: “From the Green Field to a Green Campus”

Das Bild zeigt eine Vision, wie die Parkanlage auf dem Campus der UTN einmal aussehen kann. Das Gelände ist von Gebäuden umgeben. Die Wiese in der Mitte verfügt über Wege und einige Bäume.
Campus Grüne Mitte (Copyright: Ferdinand Heide Architekt/TOPOS Stadtplanung Landschaftsplanung Stadtforschung)

As part of the academic series of events G’scheid schlau, the University of Technology Nuremberg will offer interactive round table talks on October 22, at 5:30 p.m. Prof. Hans Jürgen Prömel, Founding President of the University of Technology Nuremberg, and Bernhard Kressirer, Head of Real Estate and Infrastructure, will give insights into sustainability aspects of the university which is currently being built on the site on Brunecker Straße in Nuremberg.

NUREMBERG. “From the green field to a green campus: ideas on the construction of the University of Technology Nuremberg” – this is the title of the event which gives everyone interested the opportunity to find out more and get in direct contact with the new university’s President and the Head of Real Estate and Infrastructure. Under the virtual format of G’scheid schlau, the following will be discussed: What does sustainability mean for a university? Or: How “green” can and may the new campus be?

A Climate-friendly and Urban Campus

On an area covering around 37 hectares on Brunecker Straße in Nuremberg, a new urban campus university will be built. The freshly founded University of Technology Nuremberg offers the chance to completely rethink the concept of a university, not only regarding teaching and research, but also in terms of the structural concept. The concept will be centered around an embedded, urban and sustainable campus. Besides nature protection and biodiversity conservation as well as the conservation of valuable green land, climate protection will play an essential role for all new university buildings. The aim is to create a campus which is as climate neutral as possible, with emphasis on the use of renewable energies and sustainable buildings. The focus will be on the use of ecological building materials, such as woodwork. Also, the buildings will be designed to ensure maximum flexibility in terms of future use. Based on the structural plan of the team around Ferdinand Heide Architekten/TOPOS, the framework planning is under way for the complete campus. The groundbreaking ceremony for the first building took place in August of this year, only eight months after the new university was founded.

Cutting-edge Fields of Technical Sciences

The research and teaching profile will be on cutting-edge fields of technical sciences. In addition, the university will offer courses of study in the field of natural and social sciences as well as humanities. The aim is to create a university with an interdisciplinary, international and digitized approach. When finished, around 6,000 young people are to study on an urban campus which is embedded in the surrounding quarters and combines learning, teaching and living.

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Copyright: Ferdinand Heide Architekt/TOPOS Stadtplanung Landschaftsplanung Stadtforschung

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About the University of Technology Nuremberg

The University of Technology Nuremberg was founded on January 1, 2021 and has been the first new foundation of a state-run university in Bavaria since 1978.  With its consistently interdisciplinary approach, an innovative spectrum of subjects, new teaching methods and a future-oriented organizational structure, a model university will be created when it comes to teaching and research. The university is to have an international, interdisciplinary and digital approach. Upon completion, up to 6,000 students will be able to study on a campus embedded in the surrounding quarters.