Prof. Isa Jahnke

Founding Vice President for Academic and International Affairs

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Curriculum Vitae

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Grants and Funded Research

Funding (Active)

  1. BMBF, Germany: Digital School Development: LeadCom (Teilprojekt UTN) (2023-2026), 330,000 Euros (Verbundkoordination: FAU)

Funding Received (Selected)

  1. Prasad Calyam (PI), Trupti Joshi, Isa Jahnke (Co-PI), & Tim Middelkoop (Co-PI) (2018-2020). “Campus Cyberinfrastructure, CC* Integration: End-to-End Performance and Security Driven Federated Data-Intensive Workflow Management,” funded by NSF (my role: user experience research of cybersecurity processes)
  2. Isa Jahnke (PI) (2015-2021). “Information Experience Lab: Usability and User Experience Studies,” – e.g., Mobile microlearning, VR/AR platforms for content creators in immersive environments, pedagogical usability of online courses; diverse clients such as School of Journalism, School of Nursing, College of Engineering, St. Charles Library St. Louis, MU Extension, CAFNR, $300,000 (~50,000 average/year)
  3. Isa Jahnke (PI) (2016-2017). “Students as Game Designers for Learning eXpeditions at Mizzou: LeXMizzou,” MU Interdisciplinary Innovation Fund
  4. Lorraine Phillips (PI), Isa Jahnke (Co-PI), & Marjorie Skubic (Co-PI) (2016-2017). “Usability Testing of the Kinect-based Fall Risk Evaluation System,” MU Research Council
  5. Isa Jahnke (PI) (2014-2015). “Tablet-mediated learning in Finnish schools,” funded by the City of Kaarina, Finland (travel budget) and Teacher Education Council, School of Education at Umeå University, Sweden (they funded one post-doctoral position)
  6. Isa Jahnke (PI), (2014-2016). “Designs of Digital Didactics: What Designs of Teaching Practices Enable Deeper Learning in Co-located Settings? (tablets in schools), funded by the Swedish Research Council (acceptance rate ~13%)
  7. Isa Jahnke (PI) (2015). “DDD2015 International Symposium: Digital technology as door opener for new learning spaces?” funded by Riksbanken/VR Sweden
  8. Isa Jahnke (PI) (2012-2014), “Tablets in Classrooms (Grad 1-9) in Denmark” partly funded by the Odder municipality in Denmark
  9. Thomas Herrmann (PI), Johannes Wildt (Co-PI), & Isa Jahnke (Co-PI) (2008-2011). “DaVINCI, Creativity-enhanced learning cultures in higher education, funded by the German Ministry of Education, BMBF, (acceptance rate about 10%)
  10. E. Tekkaya (PI), N. Nicolescu (Co-PI), L. Fratini (Co-PI), Johannes Wildt (Co-PI), & Isa Jahnke (sub-project manager) (2009-2011). “PeTEX, Platform for elearning and Telemetric EXPerimentation,” funded by the EU-EC in the Lifelong Learning Programme, sub-programme Leonardo DaVinci (ICT), (acceptance rate about 10%)
  11. Isa Jahnke (PI), & Johannes Wildt (Co-PI) (2009). Research Network Activities for the German Ministry of Education research programme called “Empirical research on higher education,” Congress HD-HF, funded by the German Ministry of Education, BMBF
  12. Isa Jahnke (PI), & Thomas Herrmann (Co-PI) (2006-2007). “eGOV, E-Government in North- Rhine Westfalia (Germany), an analysis of roles, topics and trends,” funded by the Informationsbüro d-NRW, Germany
  13. TUV Rheinland (PI), Thomas Herrmann, (Co-PI), & Isa Jahnke (Co-PI) (2005-2006). “Ex-post- and Ex-ante-Evaluation of the German BMBF research programme Innovative Design for Workplaces,” funded by the German Ministry of Education