University of Technology Nuremberg reached three-digit number of employees for the first time

Ein weißes Kreisdiagram ist auf grünem Hintergrund zu sehen. Dieses zeigt die Aufteilung des Personals an der UTN in 74 Prozent Wissenschaftsstützendes Personal und 26 Prozent wissenschaftliches Personal.
Die Technische Universität Nürnberg beschäftigt derzeit über 100 Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter. Mehr als ein Viertel davon ist im wissenschaftlichen Bereich tätig.(Copyright: Technische Universität Nürnberg)

In October, 22 new employees started working at University of Technology of Nuremberg (UTN). This puts the newly formed university over the triple-digit staff mark.

NUREMBERG. Founding President Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Hans Jürgen Prömel welcomes the new colleagues to the university: „Having over 100 enthusiastic employees for the first time is a clear indication of UTN’s dynamic growth and progress. Our team plays a significant role in realizing our vision to shape a university of the future.” The current workforce at UTN comprises 106 employees, with over 26 percent being academic staff and approximately 74 percent serving as non-academic staff. The final expansion stage plan calls for about 200 professors to serve up to 6,000 students.

Currently UTN’s interim building in Ulmenstraße provides more than 3,500 square meters to accommodate the growth in personnel.  Middle of 2024 part of the employees will move to the first building on campus, the so-called Cube One. Regarding the office facilities, UTN emphasizes new-work concepts, establishing a contemporary work environment featuring flexible usage options, including open-space areas and flex rooms, all of which foster team unity and communication.  The work areas in the interim building also serve as test environment for future office, teaching and learning spaces on campus.

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About the University of Technology Nuremberg

The University of Technology Nuremberg was founded on January 1, 2021 and has been the first new foundation of a state-run university in Bavaria since 1978.  With its consistently interdisciplinary approach, an innovative spectrum of subjects, new teaching methods and a future-oriented organizational structure, a model university will be created when it comes to teaching and research. The university is to have an international, interdisciplinary and digital approach. Upon completion, up to 6,000 students will be able to study on a campus embedded in the surrounding quarters.