Prof. Dr. Wolfram Burgard Receives German AI Award

On September 29, the German newspaper WELT named the winners of the German AI Award. Prof. Dr. Wolfram Burgard, Founding Chair at the University of Technology Nuremberg, received the award in the category innovation.

“Wolfram Burgard is the shining example of an AI pioneer to strengthen our position in Europe. His scientific contributions are innovative, fundamental to the research of many other colleagues and field-proven”, jury president Chris Boos explains the decision. “He also has the necessary personal courage and a steadfast dedication which are so direly needed. Only recently, he proved this when becoming the Founding Chair in Nuremberg – an awe-inspiring decision.”

With 35,000 Euro, the German AI Award is one of Europe’s most generously endowed awards of this kind. The German AI Award honors outstanding achievements as well as research and development work in the field of application and commercialization of Artificial Intelligence. The award was granted for the fourth time this year.