First Participation in the Digital Festival Nuremberg

The Digital Festival Nuremberg is one of the major events on digitization and well-known far beyond Nuremberg’s city limits. Thus, we are all the more pleased that the University of Technology has been invited to the opening press conference on July 9, 2021. Under the heading society, Founding President Prof. Hans Jürgen Prömel answered questions in conjunction with the Lord Mayor of Nuremberg, Marcus König. He also expanded on the idea behind the University of Technology Nuremberg, which is centered around an interdisciplinary, international and digitized approach.

“Engineers can solve a great many challenges of our society. In order for them to develop acceptable solutions, it is essential that Engineering Sciences be linked with other topics of society”, Prömel explained. The Founding President also emphasized the importance of the university in times of digitization. “Today’s universities should outline the world as it will be. Networking, digitization, sustainability and quality of life – these are important aspects of our society and for us, too.”

In the next few weeks, we will take part in a number of events in the area, if you are interested to know more about the University of Technology Nuremberg. In the Stadt(ver)führungen, Kanzler Dr. Markus Zanner will take you on a stroll around the construction site of the new university. As part of the academic series of events Gscheid Schlau, Founding President Prof. Prömel will report on the development of a green campus from a green field. We look forward to a big turnout and an exchange of ideas with everyone interested!