The University of Technology Nuremberg is Taking Shape: New Provost and Temporary Offices

Interimsgebäude in der Ulmenstraße 52 (Foto: Andreas Vallbracht)

Bavaria’s Minister of Science, Bernd Sibler, has announced the first appointment and the new offices in the south of Nuremberg: “Dr. Zanner from the University of Bayreuth is the first member of the founding team of the UTN” – “Ulmenstraße is the ideal environment to push the development of this project forward”

Two far-reaching milestones have been set in the development of the University of Technology Nuremberg (UTN) with the first appointment and the temporary offices: Dr. Markus Zanner, who has been provost of the University of Bayreuth since 2011, will assume office as provost of the tenth state-run university in Bavaria. This was announced by Bavaria’s Minister of Science, Bernd Sibler, along with the first temporary offices for the founding team in the listed building Ulmenstraße 52. “The UTN is taking shape. I am delighted to have found a competent, experienced provost with great expertise in the regional landscape of higher education for the UTN. He is the first member of the founding team. In Ulmenstraße, he and his future colleagues will find the ideal location to push the establishment of the new university forward”, according to Sibler. There, the founding team will have enough room for continuous growth. At the same time, it offers a creative environment to establish the new university step by step.

New Provost with Experience in Establishing new Structures

Photo: Dr. Markus Zanner

From 2011 onwards, Dr. Zanner was provost of the University of Bayreuth where he was also entrusted with establishing the new campus in Kulmbach. Before that, he held various responsible positions in science management at the Technical University of Munich, e.g. Head of the Department for the Promotion of Research, and Managing Director of the TUM Institute for Advanced Study.

With a view to his new function, he said: “In the last few years I was committed to developing and improving individual aspects of a university. Now there is the chance to create a complete technical university from scratch. A fascinating task – and a great challenge!”

Markus Zanner was born in Weiden in 1967. He studied history, religious science and romance studies at the University of Regensburg and spent one year of his studies at the Universidad Nacional de Misiones in Argentina, where he enrolled in history and anthropology. He completed his graduation as Dr. phil. at the University of Regensburg in 2000.

Modern Temporary Office Building in the South of Nuremberg

Office building in Ulmenstraße 52. Photo: Andreas Vallbracht

Until the first new buildings will have been completed on Brunecker Straße, the university will be housed and leave its mark in Ulmenstraße 52 in a former shoe factory building in the south of Nuremberg. The building complex referred to as “The Plant” stands for sustainable offices of the future. The loft character of the building can be used in a variety of ways. While the conceptual contracts for the first building at its final location on Brunecker Straße have all been placed, the structural planning for the complete campus and a requirements analysis for the university building are under way.