A New Place of Study is Taking Shape

Interdisciplinary, international and digital – these are the keywords characterizing the concept of the University of Technology Nuremberg. On an area covering approx. 37 hectares, a new urban campus university is being built on Brunecker Straße in Nuremberg. The freshly founded University of Technology Nuremberg offers the chance to completely rethink the concept of a university. The aim is to combine and interlink engineering studies with other topics of society. For this purpose, engineering studies and technical sciences will be offered in combination with natural and social sciences as well as humanities.

Besides the outlined interdisciplinary approach, the university will put its emphasis on courses in English, on digitized forms of teaching and learning as well as future-oriented research. In the medium term, the campus university is to provide a place for learning and personal development for up to 6,000 students in the new quarters of Lichtenreuth– on a campus combining learning, teaching and living.


The University of Technology Nuremberg is Growing Further: First Founding Vice President to Take Office

With the first anniversary of the University of Technology Nuremberg, Professor Dr. Isa Jahnke will be granted the professorship of Information Science & Learning Technologies on Jan. 1st, 2022 – besides being appointed first Vice President. As Founding Vice President for Academic and International Affairs, she will complement the existing Executive Board and develop and enhance digital teaching and learning with modern technologies and instructional designs. »



Lecture Series “University Taking Shape” – Opening Event with Prof. Herrmann

In the historic city hall of Nuremberg, a series of lectures on the University of Technology Nuremberg is to commence on October 25th. Under the heading “University Taking Shape“, everyone interested has the chance to follow the founding history of the University of Technology Nuremberg – either live at the city hall, or online via live stream. Witness how initiators, idea providers and shapers of the new university view the project from different angles. »


Round Table Talks “G‘scheid schlau“: “From the Green Field to a Green Campus”

The development of a green campus from the green field is the topic of our interactive round table talks as part of the academic series of events under the heading of “G’scheid Schlau”. For a whole weekend, “G’scheid schlau“ offers you scientific topics to be easily accessed from your home. »



Visit to the Campus with the Provost

Stadtverführung_Dr_ZannerA trip to the construction site of the University of Technology Nuremberg – garnished with facts and entertaining insights: this was the program for visitors of the first public event the University of Technology Nuremberg took part in. As part of the series of guided tours “Stadt(ver)führungen” of the city of Nuremberg, Dr. Markus Zanner, Provost of the University of Technology Nuremberg, invited everybody interested to an academic tour around the construction site on Brunecker Straße. »


Founding President Prof. Prömel Honored by the “City of Science” Darmstadt

Prof. Hans Jürgen Prömel, Founding President of the University of Technology Nuremberg, has been honored with the Johann-Heinrich-Merck award by the “City of Science” Darmstadt. Prof. Prömel, former President of the TU Darmstadt, received the award for his numerous achievements in the academic landscape of Darmstadt. »



First Groundbreaking Ceremony with Bavarian Prime Minister Söder: Official Start of Construction for the University of Technology Nuremberg

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Dr. Markus Söder: “With the foundation of the University of Technology Nuremberg, Bavaria ventures into new territory with the creation of a new prototype university culture. We will invest 1.2 billion Euro for up to 6,000 students and 240 professorial chairs. We will log onto a network of research and development to reach a new level of science.” »


First Participation in the Digital Festival Nuremberg

The Digital Festival Nuremberg is one of the major events on digitization and well-known far beyond Nuremberg’s city limits. Thus, we are all the more pleased that the University of Technology has been invited to the opening press conference on July 9th, 2021. »