How does the university of the future look like?

Prof. Dr. Camille Dickson-Deane
Location: Australia

I envision, the university of the future will be dynamic in purpose, design and value for each individual. The word “university” should be deictic meaning and thus designed to empower anyone to create their own knowledge currency to reflect the dynamism of society and the value they need.

Do you have any recommendations or tips for us/UTN?

Do consider not being a traditional university, where there are faculties and schools – boundaried disciplines, but a university that provides different sets of knowledge in response to the ever changing views in society (i.e., interdisciplinary/cross disciplinary degrees).  For example instead of learning only about engineering and IT, I may only need some engineering and IT to be couples with law, biotech and marketing. Not pursuing subjects as electives but as core components of a degree.