University:Future Festival 2024: Partner Stage in Nuremberg

The University:Future Festival (U:FF) in 2024 will take place in multiple cities: Berlin, Bochum, Heilbronn, Leipzig, and Nuremberg.

The University:Future Festival is a three-day hybrid event. The festival, in collaboration with partners, creates five locations where participants can come together and exchange ideas. At the same time, U:FF remains digital-first in 2024, with the majority of participants joining online, as that’s where you can experience the entire programme. The theme of U:FF in 2024 is “Tales of Tomorrow.” It is organized by the Hochschulforum Digitalisierung and the Stiftung Innovation in der Hochschullehre. It is supported by the Stifterverband.

All of the stages feature outstanding speakers, networking opportunities, and special local offerings.

In Berlin, the main stage of the festival is presented on June 5 and 6. There, you can expect national and international experts as well as contributions from the community. in Bochum opens its doors on June 6, focusing on networking topics in higher education and participation opportunities at universities.

In Heilbronn, the KI-Campus, the learning platform for Artificial Intelligence, will organize a stage on June 6. Everything there will revolve around Artificial Intelligence in academic education.

On June 5, the University of Leipzig invites you to a forum on the strategic handling of global transformations by universities and the underlying value systems.

In Nuremberg, the University of Technology Nuremberg and Nuremberg Institute of Technology will jointly host a partner stage on June 5. The stage offers an exclusive insight into innovative teaching and learning approaches and presents the latest research results.

Admission to all events is free, and tickets are available on the festival website.