Process optimization for hospital logistics

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Funding: OrgaCard Siemantel & Alt GmbH

Abstract: The aim of this project is to develop methods for solving problems that arise in logistics management in the public health sector. More specifically, transport orders in hospitals or other medical facilities should be allocated to employees to generate a plan of transport that also incorporates the routes and execution times of all transports. In this plan, the routing of the transport orders shall be computed considering the infectiousness of the patients, the properties of the means of transportation and, among other requirements, the location of the responsible employee. Moreover, the scheduled plan shall minimize order delays, transport distances and the burden of executing employees or other configurable criteria specified by the customers of OrgaCard. Thus, the overall goal of this project is to organize transport logistics of medical facilities in an integrated mathematical framework in real-time, using machine learning and combinatorial or discrete optimization techniques.

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Alexander Müller, Doctoral Researcher